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Zero Gravity Flights

Aurora Aerospace provides microgravity or "zero-g" training flights in our Rockwell 700. These flights can accomodate 1-2 persons as well as research payloads. We can do flights for research, filming, artistic projects or typically just for the wonderful experience of flying in zero-g! There is no other way to experience this sensation like this unless you are an astronaut. The zero-g parabolas we perform in the aircraft allow approximately 10 seconds of microgravity. Since each flight is just for "you" we can customize the itinerary and experience to your needs. We have done flights for National Geographic, Germany's Top Models, Nanoracks and the National Space Society. We have flown participants old as 92 and as young as 5 (this is a "world record"). We can perform up to 5 flights (10 persons) per day and often fly corporate and other groups. The aircraft can also be repositioned to another airport for extra cost.

  • Personal Training
  • Research
  • Artistic Projects
  • TV and Media Projects

During your flight you will be free to float about the cabin. You can spin around and practice hopping up and down on our "Lunar 1/6 gravity" and "Mars 1/3 gravity" parabolas. We start the training flight with the 1/3g, then do the 1/6g parabola as a warm-up for the "full zero-g." During subsequent parabolas, guests can try varioius maneuvers or release various objects including water to observe their motion in zero-g. Typically we do 15+ parabolas. You also have the opportunity to sit up front and fly the aircraft as the pilot is a licensed flight instructor. No experience of any kind is required for these flights.

Zero Gravity Flight Rates

  • 45 minutes: $3999
  • Video: $250

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