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Who We Are

Aurora Aerospace is the world's only civilian space training center where the general public can have access to military jet flight training as well as "zero-g" weightless training flights. Our experienced instructors have helped many people of very different experience and ability levels ungergo aerobatic jet flying as well as being able to float like an astronaut. We use an L-39 Albatros for our military jet flights and a Rockwell 700 for our zero-g flights. All flights are conducted at the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport in Clearwater, Florida.

Howard "Chip" Chipman M.D.


Howard "Chip" Chipman is the owner and chief pilot of Aurora Aerospace for the L-39 and Rockwell 700. He is a flight instructor with over 40 years of flying experience. He has done some cosmonaut training in Russia and has flown over 40 different types of aircraft. As a physician, he can also offer education regarding physiology of flight to the trainees and specializes in training pilots of named levels of experience.

Arthur Grik

Flight Coach

Arthur is Aurora's zero-gravity coach and accompanies all of our participants on their flight. He assists them and keeps them safe during their weightless experience. Arthur is currently studying Electrical Engineering at USF. Arthur is also available to help with any research experiments or filming of the flight.

Mike Scalisce


Mike is the chief mechanic of Aurora Aerospace and keeps our fleet of aircraft in top condition. He has decades of experience and is multi-talented in his approach. In 15 years and over 1500 flights, we have only had to rechedule 2 due to mechanical issues! I don't think any airforce in the world can say that!

Ted Vanzyl

Avionics Technician

Ted is Aurora's avionics engineer and keeps all of our avionics and radios in proper order. He has many years of experience and is good at finding innovative solutions to problems.