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L-39 Jet Flights

Aurora Aerospace provides pilot training in the L-39. This aircraft was built in Czechoslovakia and is used by many air forces of the world as an advanced jet trainer and as a flight attack aircraft. Our L-39 is the "zo" or attack version with 4 "hard points". It served in the East German Air Force until Germany re-unified.

Our instructor can provide introductory flights as well as initial and recurrent training. We also have an FAA approved Upset Training Program and are available to train corporate and airline pilots. We can do up to 4 training flights per day and can reposition to another airport upon special request.

Pilots wishing to fly with us are not required to have a medical or be current as it is dual instruction with a flight instructor. Foreign pilots are welcome! We fly with many guests from Europe, South America and China.

L-39 Jet Flight Rates

  • 30 minutes: $3399
  • 45 minutes: $3999
  • 60 minutes: $4499

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